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12" x 8" Hickory Cutting Board - Handmade - Hardwood - Hickory - Walnut - Purpleheart

12" x 8" Hickory Cutting Board - Handmade - Hardwood - Hickory - Walnut - Purpleheart

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This Hickory, Walnut, and Purpleheart 12" x 8" cutting board makes a statement with it's highly figured surface and is a great addition to your kitchen or the perfect gift for someone special!


I began woodworking in the summer of 2018 when I had to be off of work due to issues with vertigo. I know what you're thinking, if you can't work because of vertigo how are you woodworking?

For as long as I can remember as an adult, I'd wanted to try my hand at woodworking, but I never knew where to start. I'd even gotten a couple of woodworking books as gifts but was overwhelmed by and insecure about what I was reading. What the heck is rift sawn and what's the difference between a miter cut and a bevel cut? Do you know how to calculate a board foot? It's not the same as linear feet and for crying out loud why doesn't a 2x4 always equal 2x4?

In 2011 I had a debilitating season of panic attacks that led to outpatient occupational therapy. Like, therapy became my full-time job. My anxiety was so bad that I could barely work up the courage to go back to work and put in my two weeks' notice. During one particular therapy activity we were able to choose a wood project to work on. I picked a routed out welcome sign as my project and got to sanding it. Like nails on a chalkboard to my wife but soothing as waves breaking on a shore to me. I stained the main piece a deep walnut color and painted the letters white. The whole process was so therapeutic that I knew this was something that I could enjoy doing for hours on end and it calmed my anxiety like nothing else.

Fast forward to that summer of 2018 and while I didn't have any tools, or the balance to operate what I did have, I had plenty of time to watch YouTube videos. Another Steve of Wood Working for Mere Mortals demystified the world of wood working and off I went! The rest is as they say, history.

To follow my continuing story, check out my social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Follow, Like, and message me to hear and see more!

Description: 12" x 8' Hickory Cutting Board - Handmade - Hardwood - Hickory - Walnut - Purpleheart

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