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Glencairn Inspired Bottle Stopper - Whisky/Bourbon/Scotch

Glencairn Inspired Bottle Stopper - Whisky/Bourbon/Scotch

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Do you love a good scotch, bourbon, or whisky? How many bottles come with boring stoppers (with a couple of exceptions) that just don't do your favorite libations justice? Want to add a little extra flare to your bar set up?

Inspired by the Glencairn glass, these bottle stoppers reflect the iconic shape of these beautiful drinking vessels and now can adorn your favorite bottle of Single Malt Scotch, Kentucky Bourbon, Irish Whisky and everything in between! Available in several wood species and your choice of stainless steel and nitrile rings or chrome and cork stop.

Lead time for these in most cases are simply to ensure that I have the wood of your choice and the stop material in stock. In most cases these will be delivered sooner, but I want you to have what you want and set the expectation that if I don't have the material in stock, I'll get it and make your stopper no later than 2 weeks after you place your order and then ship within 1-5 business days of completion.

All stoppers are naturally finished with beeswax finish that will initially leave a just shy of semi-gloss look and age into a satin finish.

Please note that due to variations in the wood and the turning process, no two stoppers will ever look exactly the same, but neither are the drinks they're sitting on top of!

Don't see a wood of your choosing offered? Send me a message either through Etsy or to and I'll be glad to look into getting the type of wood you're looking for.

As with any of the items listed here, these are all handcrafted and shipped from our small garage shop in Murfreesboro, TN, U.S. of A.

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